Jack Casey

had an early interest in storytelling.

A child of sunny Santa Barbara, California,

he loved playing pretend growing up,

swinging a sword around

and facing his darkest fears

through imagination.

He loved getting lost in the worlds

of books, movies, and video games,

finding his true calling in writing.

after moving to Austin, Texas,

he began the first chapter of a new book

on independence day.

Seventeen at the time,

he wanted to tell a story

about a young man and woman

questioning their world

and trying to find their own independence.

Jack remained in the

lone star state

for several years,

working on sequels and editing

until he completed drafts for a trilogy.

He now lives with his wife in Washington,

where they work together on the series.

ten years to the day

after starting that first chapter,

he at last presents

The Royal Green.

Jack can be reached by email at:

The cover artwork

is created by

Steven Synchronos.

More of his work

can be found at